Emmanuel Jal featuring Nelly Furtado | Scars

South Sudanese rapper and humanitarian Emmanuel Jal will be launching his star-studded album on September 9.

The new 13-track album, which includes collaborations with Grammy winners Nile Rodgers (who produced the lead single ‘My Power’) and Nelly Furtado (who appears on the duet ‘Scars’ and ‘Party’) follows on the heels of Jal’s highly anticipated co-starring role in major motion picture The Good Lie featuring Reese Witherspoon — which world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival — that traces the journey of four young Sudanese refugees (based on The Lost Boys of Sudan) who win a lottery for relocation to the United States.

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Emmanuel Jal featuring Nelly Furtado | Party

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Song: Promiscuous
Artist: Nelly Furtado/Timbaland
Album: Loose


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Your votes are in (all 51,000 of them). 2014’s most stylish celebrity mom has been named, narrowed down in our battle including 6 rounds, from a selection of 64 mega-chic mamas. The winner? Canadian-born beauty Nelly Furtado.

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Song: No Regrets
Artist: Nelly Furtado
Album: Unreleased

Leave the light on, in the darkest corner of your mind
Your ambition floats so freely but it cannot stop time
You forget what the future says 
You ignore the present tense
You can’t seem to forget your past

I wanna be right I want to be wrong
I want to be weak and I wanna be strong
I wanna live on the edge I wanna live with no regrets

You just wanted what you wanted everyday and all the time
All the lessons, all the lively couldn’t be learned in your mind
Don’t forget what the future says
Live in the present tense if you want to break free from the past

Don’t say it should’ve been 
Don’t say it could’ve been 
cause what should’ve been is happening right now 
Don’t say it should’ve been don’t say some day somehow 
Say it right now say it right now

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